One-Stop Hub

The One-Stop Hub (OSH) is envisaged to facilitate cooperation and communication among the GlobE Network members by assisting them in identifying secure channels for exchanging information and discussing cases and in accessing information relevant to anti-corruption law enforcement, including legislation, case law and other databases and communication fora. UNODC will provide technical and operational services on building and maintaining the OSH which is intended to serve as the main terminal for knowledge resources held by UNODC and will provide information regarding other international organizations and networks. The OSH is expected to feature a Secure Communication Platform and a Decision Tree. The former is intended to facilitate exchange of operational information among practitioners in relation to the investigation and prosecution of corruption cases, while the latter seeks to assist the requesting authority with identifying the competent foreign counterpart and choosing the optimal channel to establish contact for international cooperation. In addition, an online community of practitioners was proposed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and discussion on issues or topics of common interest.

Presentation of the One-Stop Hub and Decision Tree at the GlobE Launch Event, June 2021

Knowledge resources



Secure communication platform



Community of practitioners



Decision tree


* The first GlobE Network meeting of members will take place in November 2021, providing guidance on the requirements for GlobE tools, the Secure Communications Platform and the Community of Practitioners.